Softball for the Greater Good

First place Co-Ed league

A little over a year ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my life took a drastic detour. I went from organizing summer plans with my family to pouring all my efforts into making sure I had future summers with my family.

As one can imagine, my life-threatening diagnosis was paired with a sea of emotions and game plans, all while trying to continue raising a family and fight for my life. I have been extremely blessed to have such a loving, supportive family that didn’t hesitate to rally together and provide any and all assistance they could. My brother-in-law is very active in the softball community and thought it would be awesome to put together a tournament to help raise funds for my medical treatments. Our family joined forces and brought teams from across the state to play in my honor. While the tournament brought huge success and awareness, it also allowed us the opportunity to hear about Roberta’s Legacy and actually meet Harry.

God showed up in some of the mightiest ways for me and my family, like bringing us together with Harry and Roberta’s Legacy; the relationship that has come from that is nothing short of a blessing. Their constant love and support came at a time when our hope was fading. They provided us a sense of peace through their help that allowed us to focus our efforts, attention and energy on our faith, health and family. Harry walked alongside us, not because he had to but because he chose to. He checked in regularly and reminded us that we were loved and supported in any way needed.

It was because of his genuine kindness we thought it would be wonderful to partner with Harry and Roberta’s Legacy and host another softball tournament, in Roberta’s honor. I can say their interaction and influence on my journey is monumental, but I know it doesn’t just stop at me. My husband, parents, sister and so many more have been impacted by Harry and the foundation’s genuine hearts. My sister just kept telling me, “It’s one thing to love and support your family with all you have, but when other people love on your people, that’s God … that’s something to talk about.”

It’s been a true honor and blessing to build a relationship with Harry and the entire Roberta’s Legacy team and we are so thankful they trusted us with the privilege of joining forces for the greater good! 

Sarah Cano was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and is a member of our Legacy Families. Roberta’s Legacy is honored to walk alongside Sarah and her family on their journey!

Harry giving first place trophy for mens leagueHarry giving the First Place trophy for the Men’s League.

Sara and Marcus (brother in law who planned event) w_ RLSara and Marcus, her Brother-in-law, who planned the event.

Various teams looking at resultsVarious teams looking at results.

On game with onlookersOne game with onlookers.

Mens league first placeMen’s League First Place team.

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Breast Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we.

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