The Scope of Roberta’s Legacy

Roberta’s Legacy began as a nonprofit in 2017 with the hope of helping two families per year. Roberta’s Legacy desired to walk alongside families going through breast cancer: to lift some financial strain, to be a resource and a light in the dark in whatever ways they could. Our founders, Harry and his family, knew it would be incredibly meaningful to those two families whose lives had been upended by a cancer diagnosis. It would also be what Roberta would have done.

Fast forward a bit, and the picture is incredibly more robust than Harry ever could have imagined! In 2020, Roberta’s Legacy was helping 15 Legacy Families. In 2021, that number jumped to 25 Legacy Families. And as we sit today in 2022, Roberta’s Legacy is currently walking alongside 47 Legacy Families! The growth has been exponential.

But the stories of those families is what matters most. We want to give you a glimpse into the meaningful work we get to do, that was birthed out of that original hope to help two families.

Here are just a couple stories from current Legacy Families that speak for themselves about how the scope of Roberta’s Legacy is making a difference:

“I was living in my car and behind on payments. Afraid I would lose my home and vehicle (my means of making income). Diagnosed with breast cancer and going through chemo. Then you guys step in and pay off my car and take away that burden and I can’t even put into words what that means.”

– Angie

I wanted to say thank you again for saving us! There are no words to describe our gratitude. Because of you and so many, we were able to stay in our place for another month. That month was the bridge to getting us to where we need to be. We would have had to leave everything including our home. Chris got an eight month contract for work. If it hadn’t been for you we would be out of our home. It is difficult for me to convey how grateful we are. I am sending so many hugs to you and everyone who kept us with a roof over our heads. Thank you!!!”

– Laura

Since we started in 2017, Roberta’s Legacy has helped nearly 70 families, including the 47 families we are currently supporting. Here’s what that support has looked like since we embarked on this mission – we call these charts our “mission in motion.” We especially love that they show the leap in number of families we’ve been able to walk alongside and the increase in services we have been able to provide.

Legacy Family Expenses

November 2017 – December 2021


Legacy Family Expenses

January – September 2022


Thank you for helping us support our breast cancer community in need!



Breast Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we.

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