Roberta’s Gifts Auction

 — March —

This online auction features over 50 incredible items that were donated by generous donors. Items include overnight experiences, tickets to sporting events, cryotherapy, massages, dinner with the firefighters, specialty liquor and so much more! Take a look and decide what you might want to bid on.  

The best part of this auction is that 100% of what we raise will directly help with the needs of our families in Longmont who are on their own disruptive and difficult breast cancer journey.  We are grateful as always for your support.

Date: March 9-12, 2024
Bidding Starts: March 9 at 8am
Bidding Ends: March 12 at 8pm

 — event success —


Thank you for helping us support our breast cancer community in need!



Breast Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we.

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