reflexercize: A breathing exercise

Reflexercise is a breathing technique I find particularly useful, and one I like to teach my clients. It was created by physical therapist Scott Musgrave, MSPT. His combination of techniques enables you to consistently calm and balance your nervous system, and in the process, train your brain to be less reactive to stress, trauma, and physical and emotional pain. Reflexercise actually produces a balancing change in your brain chemistry, and when your brain is balanced, so is your body!

Reflexercise uses postures, positive affirmations and breathing patterns that send a message to your autonomic nervous system that you are safe. It may be performed sitting, standing, lying down, anywhere and anytime. Ideally, Reflexercise should be performed several times a day until a habit is formed and your brain easily recognizes what you are doing. It is especially helpful to practice it at times when you are in a calm state so that, when a stressful situation or event arises, this learned pattern will be even mor effective.
The technique takes 20-30 seconds to perform and may be done with several repetitions.


  1. Grateful Heart (envision a time, place, something or someone that brings you peace)
  2. Open your hands, your fingers should be long and straight
  3. Place your hands comfortably at your sides (away from midline)
  4. Turn your head slightly to the right or to the left (to the most comfortable direction)
  5. Gently bite your tongue
  6. Very gently curl your toes downward
  7. Take 4 slow, deep, full breaths

I hope you find this breathing technique helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me!

Karen Martin, LMT, CLT/LANA

Karen Martin is a Roberta’s Legacy board member. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in Lymphatic Massage and works very closely with many of our Roberta’s Legacy ladies. We are very grateful for the comfort, insight and safe space that she offers them along the way.

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