Emulating Roberta’s Life & Legacy

Throughout her life, Roberta was a giver. Her thoughtfulness and generosity could be found in the perfect Christmas gift, anonymous and unexpected donations, sage advice, welcoming arms and carefree laugh. She is remembered by many as an incredible mother and the first to smile and enjoy the moment, even when it seemed like everything was going wrong. Roberta was a giver of love; she always let you know that you were loved.


“Ugh,” Roberta said. “I hate pink!” This was her first response to being diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought a tough battle, undergoing some of the most painful and aggressive cancer treatments available, but through it all Roberta remained joyful, grounded in faith, hope and love.


Inspired by Roberta’s giving spirit, her family chose to donate any funds they received at Roberta’s funeral to the hospital. They later received a letter from a woman who had used the donated funds to buy groceries for the first time in months. Roberta’s family then asked themselves, “What happens next month? What if she can’t afford groceries then?”


After careful thought and a lot of prayers, Roberta’s Legacy was formed. It was going to be a different kind of nonprofit, one that included close interaction with breast cancer patients and their families; one that would make sure financial burdens would not weigh on them as these families experienced all the other stressors that came with the breast cancer journey; one that would provide an oasis in the storm. Roberta’s Legacy seeks to emulate Roberta’s enduring qualities of faith, hope and love and extend the legacy Roberta left, carrying it into our community for the people who need us most.


Roberta was born in Longmont, Colorado and lived there her whole life. Roberta’s Legacy still calls this community home. To this day, the driver for the organization is Roberta; Roberta’s Legacy continues to honor her by giving and making decisions the way she would. The only thing Roberta may not be on board with is using the color pink.

Thank you for helping us support our breast cancer community in need!



Breast Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we.

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